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Not all opinions are equal

It appears that some people tend to think that to be in a democratic society, all opinions are valuable and all sides should be treated equal. If we are to go by the recent events in Texas , this line of thinking can be harmful and dangerous. Here is a prime example of what this type of culture has done to the  the American education system:

Don't switch to Teksavvy

After learning that I actually have a choice when it comes to Cable Internet besides Rogers, I decided to switch over to Teksavvy two weeks ago. As it turns out, out of the two weeks, I was kept offline for 10 days. Now I regret switching over dearly!
Having to live offline was bad enough, the support I was given by Teksavvy was even worse. As soon as I went offline, I made a call to their technical support line. I was told since it was weekend on Saturday morning, someone would be sent over to look into my issue on Monday after 5PM. I was still offline till Tuesday when I got a call from Teksavvy telling me that they cannot make it on Monday and they can only send their support staff on SATURDAY after 5!! Having no choice, I agreed and despite having pre-arranged plans on my Saturday evening, I had to stay home for 3 hours waiting for a support guy to show up. As it turns out, no one came knocking in my door till 9PM and then I decided to call again. Now their story got interesting a…

why it's a good idea to answer forum questions

A lot of people use google and forums to figure out technical programming questions, but we are often too lazy to answer people's queries even if we knew the answer. Well today I had a question on how to close window from GWT and by instinct headed to google only to find a reply:
that I happened to post myself 3 years ago!