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Tripping on Convention over Configuration

It is with dismay that I sometimes find the trend of moving traditional configuration heavy programming models to convention based troubling. Case in point - I've been trying to adopt the newfangled Spring Data based repository framework. It's been working wonders and I got the QueryDSL support and naming convention based query generation going.

After creating a bunch of these repositories, I ran into an issue with one of my custom repositories. It was not recognizing that a method in the custom repo is part of the custom side and not to be a candidate method for spring to do its voodoo magic. For some reason Spring thought the method is a property of the entity bound to the repository. After digging through the Spring code base and spending a lot of time, it finally was clear why this was happening: I had made a typo on the repository naming and the "y" was missing from custom RepositoryImpl class. If only Spring was smart enough to tell me that this is what was ca…