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Don't switch to Teksavvy

After learning that I actually have a choice when it comes to Cable Internet besides Rogers, I decided to switch over to Teksavvy two weeks ago. As it turns out, out of the two weeks, I was kept offline for 10 days. Now I regret switching over dearly!
Having to live offline was bad enough, the support I was given by Teksavvy was even worse. As soon as I went offline, I made a call to their technical support line. I was told since it was weekend on Saturday morning, someone would be sent over to look into my issue on Monday after 5PM. I was still offline till Tuesday when I got a call from Teksavvy telling me that they cannot make it on Monday and they can only send their support staff on SATURDAY after 5!! Having no choice, I agreed and despite having pre-arranged plans on my Saturday evening, I had to stay home for 3 hours waiting for a support guy to show up. As it turns out, no one came knocking in my door till 9PM and then I decided to call again. Now their story got interesting a…