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System Overload!

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science and Faith: Plain Wrong

In the video, an argument seems to have been made that Science and Faith can not only easily co-exist, but the idea of any conflict between the two paradigm is largely non existing. 

By definition, science is the knowledge obtain by rigorousempirical evidence - a body of knowledge that is continually updated, proved, dis-proved and tinkered with. Science fundamentally does not claim to know anything nor does it guarantee an answer to every question that one can pose. It is a way of thinking with clarity, without dogma and and without an overriding theology.

Contrast this with what faith in essence is - an adherence to a belief based on authority and to a large degree, fear of uncertainty.

For a renowned personality like Tyson to dismiss the contrast and make little of the very fundamental impedance mismatch is, to my mind, just amazing.